Beatles Rock Band game models

June 18, 2009


At E3 they finally released some game footage of the Beatles Rock Band game. This means I can finally show off a bit of the work I did for this project! It was alot of fun using beatles footage as reference to model and texture these guitars, especially on George’s “Rocky” Strat with that crazy paint job detail. take a peek, I’ll post more pics and Higher res pics soon.

**UPDATE** higher res pics posted in the 3d models/textures section

beatles blog post copy


A&L Truck Supply

June 16, 2009

Hi, It’s me, Hector!

I’m excited to present another shirt design.  Its for a company called “A&L truck Supply.” If you drive a rig,  Go buy their products! You’ll find yourself pleased pretty much immediately.

_HAL shirt website