PAX Prime, PAXDEV & a Minotaur.

I just got back into Portland after attending PAXDEV in Seattle. It was a good experience over all.  It was quaint, fun, informative.. I intend to do a  review on it,  once I find some free time. So, stay tuned for that!

Saturday morning I’m headed back into the jungle.. by jungle I mean Pax prime.  So, if you’re there too feel free to shoot me an email, we’ll exchange high fives or something.

Also, I’ve been meaning to post some Minotaur Progress! I’m having fun with this SUPERGENIUS internal project, I’m almost done with the low poly models so with any luck we’ll have some updates next week. I discovered a helpful tool for Max users called “wrapit.” If you ever need to retopologize your high poly models, I strongly suggest checking out this tool. Wrap it + Zbrush’s decimation master have been crucial, especially with the amount of detail in that Minotaur character. If you want a glimpse into the concept side of things, check out this blog post =   nothing short of amazing! The concept team rocks waaay too hard. Ear bleedingly hard, and we love them for it.

Sue_Low Poly

Credit: I did the  Z sculpts for the characters and arm tech textures. Mark VonBorstel did the modeling and normal baking for the arm tech assets. Greg Savoya did the base mesh for the female character. Gina Burgess did the belts and knife holster sculpts on the female character.


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